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Agnipath Scheme in Indian Army | Tour of Duty Updated Notice

  अग्नीपथ स्कीम के चलते देश में बहुत से युवा सड़क पर उतर चुके हैं और आपको बताने वाले हैं कि अग्निपथ स्कीम क्या है और क्या क्या नए-नए नोटिफिकेशन सरकार निकालने वाली अग्निपथ कि मैं और जो प्रोटेस्ट्स और आंदोलन चल रहे हैं उनके बारे में आज इस आर्टिकल में पूरा पढ़ें और आपको सारी जानकारी मिल जाएगी तो इसी के साथ हम आर्टिकल की शुरुआत करते हैं सबसे पहले मैं बात कर लेता हूं होती क्या है अग्निपथ के बारे में जानने के लिए आप देख सकते हैं और आप हमारे आर्टिकल को कॉल करके देख सकते हैं कि स्कीम क्या है इस अग्निपथ के में भाग लेने वाले सभी युवक अग्निवीर खिलाए जाएंगे और इनकी सरकार ने बताया कि सेना में 4 साल के लिए इन्हें बुलाया जाएगा जिसमें कि उनका वेतन और उनकी कोई पेंशन नहीं दी जाएगी और उन्हें 4 साल के लिए सेवा करने के लिए सरकार कह रही है कि सेना में भर्ती किया जाएगा  यह अग्नीपथ स्कीम सभी युवाओं के लिए बहुत मुश्किल का समय और यह स्कीम सारे आर्मी एयरफोर्स और नेवी सभी के लिए लागू की गई है और इसमें बताया जा रहा है कि में  लड़कियां भी इस फॉर्म को भर सकते हैं और अपने देश के लिए 4 साल के लिए सेवा कर सकती है इसमें

IGU Meerpur | Post Matric Scholarship Form 2021 | Application Form | Last Date

Indira Gandhi University Meerpur provides the latest post-matric scholarship form for all the students for getting admission to IGU university. you can get your scholarship home and check on the official website.  which type of scholarship provided has to students for their study. the Government of India provides several help to students for their study and upliftment of their education level. If you are looking for filling out the scholarship form you know the several information related to this form.

Post Matric Scholarship 2022

Post Matric Scholarship 2022 has been introduced by the Govt of India for emphasizing the education of every backward section of society. This scholarship enables the students of SC/ ST/ OBC/ SEBC/ EBC/ Disabled/ Minority backgrounds to proceed with their education at the post matriculation or post-secondary stage. Post matric scholarship scheme meant to financially support candidates studying at post matriculation or post-secondary level. The objective is to offer scholarships to students who cannot afford their studies and are capable of achieving their dreams.

Eligibity Critera of Scholarship Form

For the upliftment of literacy level and education rate among the minority students studying in class 11th, 12th, or any graduation program, the government of India has initiated this Post Matric Intermediate Scholarship. This step aims to provide monetary financial support to each minority student. An uncountable number of students couldn’t be able to afford their education expenses, which result in dropouts and a reduction in the literacy level of our nation. This initiative under the Ministry of Minority Affairs will make the families of minority students capable of letting their children have the education and opportunities they deserve.

Last date of Online Registration

The Post Matric Scholarship Form 2020 – 2021 is submitted on the Official website on forget your Scholarship form on the Government website of free registration on this website. Post matric scholarship scheme meant to financially support those candidates who are studying at post matriculation or post-secondary level.

The last date of submitting the online registration is over and the last date is 1 July 2021 the government website on

Step to Step how to fill Post Matric Scholarship form

On filling out the post-matric scholarship form the students know about the information to how to fill the post-matric scholarship form and you can get several pieces of information on our homepage or comment on Instagram for more updates.

  •  Firstly you can visit on the official website of  Government scholarship form filling.
  •  Click on the new registration tab
  • Register your all information like mobile number email ID
  •  In the  the government website you can face all related information site bank account details your graduation detail all information and fill it.

Last Date of Offline Submission of Hard Copy in University

In University the Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) Schemes the Hard Copy of the form is submitted is started. You can submit the Hard copy of the registration form along with your documents.

The Last Date to Submit your hard copy to Indira Gandhi University is 10 March 2022. So that University Can get Necessary Action can be taken accordingly.


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Previous year paper | Sample paper | Model paper | IGU Meerpur 2022

Our website, provides the Indira Gandhi University sample paper. Indira Gandhi University old paper, Indira Gandhi University previous year question paper, Examination pattern for all exam conducted in Indira Gandhi University, and provide the sample paper for your preparation. You can download this paper in a PDF file from Course Wise. Indira Gandhi University previous year paper PDF download Those candidates who study under Indira Gandhi University can download their previous year’s paper. I also want to know about last year’s question paper at Indira Gandhi University Meerpur. You can also download each semester’s sample paper in a PDF file with a solution. Description Details University Indira Gandhi University Location Meerpur, Rewari Course Offered UG, PG Category IGU Sample Paper Official Website You can download a degree-wise sample paper for the Below list. BSc course previous year question paper Here you can download a sample paper for the B

IGU Meerpur Re-appear | Revaluation | Improvement Form 2022

IGU Examination Form – Indira Gandhi University has officially started filling up the examination form for the students appearing in the exams. The university has released several notifications regarding the examination that is about to take place. All students should go through the notifications carefully by following up on the official portal of Indira Gandhi University to understand the necessary information. Here, we are providing some of the important details extracted from the notifications released by the Indira Gandhi University on their official portal. Description Detail University IGU Meerpur Location Rewari, Haryana Form UG/PG Examination Form Category Examination Form Official Website ALSO, READ- IGU Updates Last Date of Reappear/Improvement form filling Sub: Opening of University portal for filling up Re-Appear/Improvement Examinations form of 2 4th 6th, 8th & (10th Only UTD) odd Semester UG/PG/Professional (Except M.Ed) courses to be held in Feb-2022

Previous year paper | Sample paper | Gurugram University 2022

Our website provides the gurugram University sample paper of the previous year question paper. In gurugram university's old paper, previous year's question paper, and examination pattern for all exams conducted under gurugram University. It provides the sample paper for your preparation. You can download the paper in a PDF file for all courses. Gurugram University Previous year question paper pdf download The candidate who studies at gurugram University can download their previous year’s paper. We also provide last year’s question paper at Gurgaon University. You can download the semester sample paper in a PDF file with a solution. Description Detail University Gurugram University Location Gurugram, Haryana Category Previous Year Paper Course PG/UG Official Website BA Course Previous year question paper Here you can download the sample paper and previous year’s question paper for the BA course at gurugram University. For the p